Mini Goal Reached.

August 30, 2010

Well, hello everyone. It has still been rather hectic trying to get things done here. I’m not complaining by any means, just have not had time to really do a daily update.

So, I jumped on the scale today.  Down 3.9 pounds from last week.  Awesome.  My first mini goal is completed.  Yay.  This weekend wasn’t easy to eat clean either.  A bunch of my friends were having end of the summer/birthday BBQs.  I managed to not drink anything but water at them, which was a lot easier than I thought.

I need to get back to work now, just thought I would check-in.


It seems like…

August 23, 2010

…a week since I have posted something. Wait, is today the 23rd? Well then, I guess it has been a week. I have been so busy lately. It seems like I have had no time to do anything. The trip to Boston was awesome. It was only for a few days, but it seems like we did so much that it felt like a week. I managed to only blow two CEs while there so I feel good today.  It was a plus that we walked…everywhere!  I was very skeptical about weighing myself this morning because the cheats I did have seemed like they were gonna kill me. After a few minutes of convincing my I finally hopped on the scale… -2.2 pounds.  What a great feeling!

Other than that nothing new happened.  Today I got me some resistance bands.  I plan on using them for the P90x Back workout as I currently struggle with pull/chin ups.  This will be a good start I hope.

I am the exhausted now.  Will post more soon.


Week 3 Begins…

August 16, 2010

Well, the weekend is over…and it seems like it flew by.  Our trip to Boston was rescheduled to this weekend, so I have something to work for this week.  This past weekend was overall a good one.  On Saturday I went to a buddies house and we had an intense game of wiffleball (yes, we can make wiffleball intense).  It was a lot of fun, I even managed to avoid the keg (which surprisingly wasn’t that hard).  After wiffleball we went down the shore to another buddies house.  I blew a CE on a few Jack on the rocks.  It has been two full weeks without a drink and it tasted like liquid gold (a very, very good thing), although I was on my ass after only three glasses, which for me is nothing, but I’m not complaining.

Fast forward to Sunday, everything was good.  I tried the P90x stretching and really liked it.  It made me realize I haven’t stretched that thoroughly in a while, if ever.  I usually just stretch a little before lifting so I don’t hurt myself.

Basically just relaxed until True Blood came on (my girlfriend loves it, which means I love it too :P…and I get to watch it every weekend!).  Did you ever watch a show so bad that when you’re sitting down right before the show starts and you say “at least it can’t be as bad as last week…”?  I have said that for the past 6, maybe 7 episodes (the only ones I have seen of the show), yet each episode gets progressively worse.  How..?  How is that possible?  Vampires are stupid.  OK, I feel better.

Today I had a small dilemma of whether or not I wanted to mix skim milk into my PWO shake which currently consists of just water and whey.  Decided that I am going to stick with just water for now.  Also, I tried to plan some things for Beantown this weekend.  Anyone have any places that I have to visit?  I want to get beans, just so I never have to go back to the Hell-hole that is Boston.


52 DC: Day 9

August 12, 2010

I guess this whole blogging thing is still new to me because I have manage to post something for 3 consecutive days.  Impressive I know…but give it a week :).  Anyway, it looks like shit outside right now.  However, the ground is wet from the 28 seconds of rain we had.  I’ll take it though…my garden can use any bit of moisture it can get.  Other than that I am feeling great today…well rested and actually looking forward to working out later.  I know I have a lot of work ahead of me but I don’t care.  I’m going to do things one step at a time and not rush…anything.  Onto the numbers:

CE: 16/16/94
RT: 3/20
CT: 2/15
PG1: No beer
PG2: (Lose 15 pounds) 0/1

I am liking my numbers right now, but I know this weekend is going to suck.  Going away with the girlfriend to Boston :O (yea a Yankee in Boston…that should end well) and I know I’m going to blow a CE or two.  Luckily though, there is a gym at the hotel so hopefully I will wake up before we start the day Saturday and get something done.

I was thinking about the QOTD and realized how much I love to cook…awesome segue I know…it’s what I do best.  Yea, that’s all I wanted to say, bet you thought there’d be more?  How expected of you.  Anyway, it’s time to actually do some work.  Fun.  Until the next time…


52 DC: Day 8

August 11, 2010

Man today’s weather was disgusting.  Well, it is the beginning of the second week of the Fall 52 DC.  So far so good.  I feel like my numbers are going as planned.  I have been doing P90x for the past two weeks.  Today I did Shoulders & Arms.  I sweat like a dog but I think I still need to up the intensity a little.  That being said…onto today’s numbers.

CE: 14/14/94
RT: 2/20
CT: 2/15
PG1: No beer
PG2: (Lose 15 pounds) 0/1

The real killer here is going to be the beer.  And honestly, it’s not even that bad.  During the week it is easy to not drink anything alcoholic.  On the weekends, however,  hanging out with friends and going to the bars…not so easy, but I get by.

All in all it has been barely over a week since I have been back into my healthy lifestyle.  I feel GREAT!  I have so much more energy than I did two weeks ago.  I am motivated to reach my goals and make new ones when I get there.  I am lucky to have an amazing girlfriend that is supporting me more than anyone has in the past.  I know I have a long journey ahead of me, but I am looking forward to conquering it head on.


Post #1

August 10, 2010

I never thought I would ever try blogging.  This is the journey of my weight loss.  Right now I am taking part in the 52 DC.  Let’s give it a shot and see how it goes.