52 DC: Day 9

I guess this whole blogging thing is still new to me because I have manage to post something for 3 consecutive days.  Impressive I know…but give it a week :).  Anyway, it looks like shit outside right now.  However, the ground is wet from the 28 seconds of rain we had.  I’ll take it though…my garden can use any bit of moisture it can get.  Other than that I am feeling great today…well rested and actually looking forward to working out later.  I know I have a lot of work ahead of me but I don’t care.  I’m going to do things one step at a time and not rush…anything.  Onto the numbers:

CE: 16/16/94
RT: 3/20
CT: 2/15
PG1: No beer
PG2: (Lose 15 pounds) 0/1

I am liking my numbers right now, but I know this weekend is going to suck.  Going away with the girlfriend to Boston :O (yea a Yankee in Boston…that should end well) and I know I’m going to blow a CE or two.  Luckily though, there is a gym at the hotel so hopefully I will wake up before we start the day Saturday and get something done.

I was thinking about the QOTD and realized how much I love to cook…awesome segue I know…it’s what I do best.  Yea, that’s all I wanted to say, bet you thought there’d be more?  How expected of you.  Anyway, it’s time to actually do some work.  Fun.  Until the next time…



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