Week 3 Begins…

Well, the weekend is over…and it seems like it flew by.  Our trip to Boston was rescheduled to this weekend, so I have something to work for this week.  This past weekend was overall a good one.  On Saturday I went to a buddies house and we had an intense game of wiffleball (yes, we can make wiffleball intense).  It was a lot of fun, I even managed to avoid the keg (which surprisingly wasn’t that hard).  After wiffleball we went down the shore to another buddies house.  I blew a CE on a few Jack on the rocks.  It has been two full weeks without a drink and it tasted like liquid gold (a very, very good thing), although I was on my ass after only three glasses, which for me is nothing, but I’m not complaining.

Fast forward to Sunday, everything was good.  I tried the P90x stretching and really liked it.  It made me realize I haven’t stretched that thoroughly in a while, if ever.  I usually just stretch a little before lifting so I don’t hurt myself.

Basically just relaxed until True Blood came on (my girlfriend loves it, which means I love it too :P…and I get to watch it every weekend!).  Did you ever watch a show so bad that when you’re sitting down right before the show starts and you say “at least it can’t be as bad as last week…”?  I have said that for the past 6, maybe 7 episodes (the only ones I have seen of the show), yet each episode gets progressively worse.  How..?  How is that possible?  Vampires are stupid.  OK, I feel better.

Today I had a small dilemma of whether or not I wanted to mix skim milk into my PWO shake which currently consists of just water and whey.  Decided that I am going to stick with just water for now.  Also, I tried to plan some things for Beantown this weekend.  Anyone have any places that I have to visit?  I want to get beans, just so I never have to go back to the Hell-hole that is Boston.


One Response to Week 3 Begins…

  1. TNT Man says:

    Sounds like a great weekend. Super that you were able to exert some control over prior excesses. Cold beer on a hot day – tuff stuff to avoid.

    Boston can be fun
    TNT Man

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