It seems like…

…a week since I have posted something. Wait, is today the 23rd? Well then, I guess it has been a week. I have been so busy lately. It seems like I have had no time to do anything. The trip to Boston was awesome. It was only for a few days, but it seems like we did so much that it felt like a week. I managed to only blow two CEs while there so I feel good today.  It was a plus that we walked…everywhere!  I was very skeptical about weighing myself this morning because the cheats I did have seemed like they were gonna kill me. After a few minutes of convincing my I finally hopped on the scale… -2.2 pounds.  What a great feeling!

Other than that nothing new happened.  Today I got me some resistance bands.  I plan on using them for the P90x Back workout as I currently struggle with pull/chin ups.  This will be a good start I hope.

I am the exhausted now.  Will post more soon.



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