Another week gone by…

…and me still not having any time. I am, by no means, complaining either. The past week flew by and it is Monday once again. Last week was just busy with work, lifting and friends – ending Sunday late morning (right before football started – which meant my day wasn’t going to be ruined by missing football) after a night in Philly. I was very tired when we got back but still managed to not miss any games. After my Giants put on such an amazing show in the 1st quarter I knew it was going to be a long game. And it was. Don’t really want to talk about it.

Me and the girlfriend (who actually enjoys watching football – which is…beyond amazing) have been looking forward to that new show on HBO:   Boardwalk Empire.  It was kinda weird but I think it has a lot of potential.  We shall see what next week brings.  Only negative about the show is the time slot.  It’s in the middle of SNF – not cool.



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