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Hi all!

My name is Tony and I am 24 years old.  Growing up I was always involved in sports.  Some of my first memories were playing T-Ball back when I was just four.  I continued on with baseball and introduced ice hockey not too far after.  I was always a big kid, but was always in shape.  It is kinda weird that being the big kid, I didn’t play football.  It’s not because I didn’t want to, but my mom didn’t like the idea.  I know, I know, ice hockey was OK but football wasn’t…go figure.  I played sports all through high school (ice hockey & tennis) competitively until senior year.  A small injury sidelined me for good :-(.

So, I let a year pass with little-no exercise.  Senior year ended and shortly after my career at Rutgers began.  After one semester I left because I felt like I wasn’t ready to be in school again.  I got a job and realized that all this time of inactivity had really taken it’s toll on my body.  I made a change.  After browsing the interwebs I came across the Men’s Health forum back in late 2004.  Before I knew it, a little over a year had passed and I was down 100 lbs.  Yeah, I got that fat and still had work to do.  But I digress.

I decided that it was time to go back to school.  I enrolled again at Rutgers.  Between classes and partying…a lot.  Fast forward to today.  Back to where I started.  On August 2, 2010 I started this journey over.  I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead.


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